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HRLA’s main activities are holding conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops on human rights issues.
These are free, or subsidised, for HRLA members. Events may be part of a themed series of seminars, or one-off sessions on particular issues. HRLA is able to respond quickly to developments that affect the development of human rights law in the UK. This may be a judgment of the House of Lords or the European Court of Human Rights, or developing Government policy. All HRLA events provide a forum for constructive discussion and debate. Interaction is encouraged. Where appropriate, we also promote human rights events of other organisations.








  • Annual General Meeting
    22 January 2020

  • Annual General Meeting Agenda
  • AGM Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurers Report
  • Report from the Chair 2019




Transcript – Daniel Holt; Joshua Hepple


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Annual General Meeting
































































































































































































































































































































Annual General Meeting