HRLA Objectives and Ethos

HRLA Objectives

HRLA is a forum for those involved in the law and legal professions to discuss human rights issues. Our principal objective is to protect and promote human rights in the United Kingdom. We aim to increase knowledge and understanding of human rights and to aid their effective implementation within the UK legal framework and system of government. We aim to further research, education and training in the areas of human rights law and practice, and facilitate the exchange of views between specialists from different areas of expertise and the wider legal community.

The HRLA is an apolitical, specialist lawyers association that deals exclusively with human rights law.

HRLA Ethos

Essential to the effective guarantee of human rights is the obligation on the part of government to promote and protect them. Government is vital to the delivery of human rights, as are human rights defenders. Ultimately human rights are unlikely to be realised in the absence of independent courts and tribunals. HRLA includes all involved in the delivery of human rights within its activities.

HRLA believes in the promotion of the rule of law and the guarantee of human rights through law. HRLA:

  • is inclusive and balanced;
  • reflects the full range of views and legal opinion of those committed to human rights;
  • where appropriate, is critical and constructive; and
  • is open and accessible to all groups of practitioners and those involved in the law who are interested in the promotion of human rights.