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Careers Day

Interested in learning about how to pursue a career in human rights law?


Legal Profession

The HRLA ‘s annual Careers Days are organised to bring together researchers, practitioners and campaigners to discuss how different sectors of the human rights legal profession can work together to achieve change.

Through panel discussions and break-out sessions, these events explore how research, legal advice, litigation, advocacy and other techniques can be used to promote human rights at the local, national, regional and international levels.

Speakers and guests also discuss the practicalities of entering the human rights legal profession, and practitioners offer practical tips and insights.

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Career Events

Our last Careers event took place on Saturday 12th November 2022, and the Programme is available here. Our next Careers Day will take place in October 2023 and details will be communicated with HRLA members by email in due course. If you would like to receive email notifications of HRLA events and are not yet a member you can apply to become a member here.

If you have any queries, contact

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