The HRLA is calling for members to apply to join its 2024/2025 Executive Committee. Interested members are warmly invited to read the information below and follow the application process. The deadline to apply to join the Executive Committee is 26 January 2024.

Are you a legal professional that has a passion for protecting and promoting human rights and the rule of law?

If this is you, then we invite you to apply to be a member of the HRLA Executive Committee (EC), which is now recruiting for its 2024/2025 term.

Whatever your specialism, you can get involved. We welcome applications from legal professionals at all levels of professional development and locations, provided you are a member of the HRLA (which you can easily become if you are not already – please see our membership page here!).

We are in an exciting phase of change at the HRLA. We will be creating roles based on the skillset members bring, alongside a few fixed ‘Officers’:

    • Chair
    • 2 x Vice Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Bursary Officer.

You may therefore apply for a specific Officer role or to become an elected member of the Executive Committee. We are particularly interested in hearing from those with experience in events planning, fundraising, membership development, and external communications, but above all we are seeking enthusiasm for actively contributing to the work of the HRLA and a commitment to furthering its development.

Expected commitment

The role will involve one monthly one hour meeting, which is likely to take place in the early evening, and attendance may be via audio and/or video link and/or in person. Committee members are expected to attend at least 75% of Committee meetings. If a Committee member misses three consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse, they will be deemed to have resigned.

In addition, Committee membership requires a commitment to the HRLA to help plan and arrange events, and to take an active role in co-ordinating and implementing the HRLA’s work. Your role will involve practically supporting the delivery of agreed activities of the EC, contributing to content and communications, and attending events (typically there are around six in one year). Elected members of the Committee should also expect to be allocated a specific role in the administration of the HRLA, such as communications, website, individual membership or corporate membership.

We estimate the average time commitment, spread across the term, to be up to one hour a week for Executive Committee members, with some weeks being significantly busier than others depending on what events or activities are taking place, and Officer positions requiring a greater time commitment.

When would your role start?

Appointments start from the date of our AGM, which is expected to be held at the end of February 2024.

Election process

Should there be more applications than Officer / EC member vacancies (the HRLA Constitution currently provides that the Committee shall consist of 12 elected members in addition to the Officers, two members co-opted from the YLC and up to five additional co-opted members) then the decision as to who is elected will go to a vote at the AGM. If this occurs, we will ask individuals to make a short statement to the present membership and a ballot vote will thereafter take place.

To apply to join the Executive Committee

Please read the linked application form carefully and send your completed form to by 26 January 2024. Please note that information provided in your application form will be shared with members of the current Executive Committee to seek formal nomination for your election, in line with the HRLA’s Constitution. In the event of a contested election for the position for which you have applied, your name, current role and (if relevant) job title and organisation, the position you have applied for, and the information you have provided in the ‘KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE’ and ‘YOUR INTERESTS’ sections of the application form will be circulated to members of the HRLA in advance of the AGM to inform the election.

If you would like to talk to someone about the application, please do not hesitate to contact

We look forward to hearing from you.

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